March 30, 2012

Michal Dziekan - Roaches, Brains, and Camera Lenses

Michal Dziekan, our Polish sensation and winner of last years Breakthrough Contest, is busier than ever. On top of working on an extensive campaign for Polish bank PKO (see blog here), he was also asked to create multiple illustrations for TBWA/Raad in Dubai as well as an image for skate board company, Bad News Boards

For Dubai, he was approached by art director Sumanth Wilkins to create multiple illustrations for Combat Roach Killer. Though this was an unofficial ad campaign initiated by TBWA to advertising their ad work in various publications, we are sure Combat will enjoy these immensely, and even use them. 

Bad News Boards also approached Michal because he style is very well suited for the skateboards they release. We are waiting to receive a skateboard with the image printed on it so we can proudly display it in the office. 

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