March 28, 2012

Andrew R. Wright - The Saints for Loyola Press

At the end of last year, Andrew R. Wright received a commission from Loyola Press to create multiple portraits of various important saints. The final result is a series of great illustrations done with Andrew's unique approach. 

Here is what Andrew had to say about this project (taken from his blog): 

"A few months back I was contacted by Loyola Press to do a series of images based on saints throughout time. The only restriction was the cropping of the figures at about thigh high and no where else. This was to allow them to use the figure in silhouette or with the background.
From there I dove in to the research and was immediately fascinated/overwhelmed with the amount of information I found on each person. There could easily be five images based on one of these saints alone. It was fun as well as challenging, simplifying numerous symbols, stories, and historical facts in to one image. Because these were essentially going to be one figure it was important to take extra care in the posing to ensure that their body language reflected their actions and individual character. I would love to post the story behind each saint but I already feel as if I’m taking up to much text space and not enough image space.
Below I’ve posted the simplified process of the first saint I completed, Saint Augustine of Hippo. After that is a selection of my favorites from the series (all together there were 11 images produced). They are as follows: Saint Angela Merici, Benedict and Scholastica, Saint Peter, Maximilian Kolbe, Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), and Saint Thomas Aquinas."

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