February 7, 2012

The Get Together 2012 at our Office was a Blast!

Every year, the Solomon Empire hosts a little get together for the artists in the group and art directors that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. There were many great conversations buzzing as old friends reunited and new ones were made over beer, wine, and Burmese appetizers. 

We also had another reason to celebrate, the night before our get-together, Edward Kinsella III received his silver medal at the Society of Illustrators. 

We wanted to give a big thank you to art directors who took the time out of their weekend to chat and laugh with out illustrators. 

This year, many of our artists came to toast to a  prosperous new year including James Bennett, Tim Bower, Scott Brundage, Doug Cowan, Paul Cox, Chris Gall, Rudy Gutierrez, David Johnson, Edward Kinsella, Dongyun Lee, Gregory Manchess, Hermann Mejia, Goni Montes, Douglas Smith, Mark T. Smith, Guy Stauber, Chase Stone, Mark Summers, Andrew R. Wright, Ted Wright (and his lovely wife Kelley), Kinuko and Mahlon Craft, and Mark Wiener

Enjoy these photos courtesy of Ted and Kelley Wright and Kofong Hsia. 

Kinuko Y. Craft chatting with David Johnson and Mahlon Craft

Douglas Smith and Gregory Manchess

Paul Cox, Ted Wright, and David Johnson

Edward Kinsella's art hanging in SOI

David Johnson and Chris Gall

Anna and Elena Balbusso speaking with Goni Montes

Rudy Gutierrez and Doug Cowan

Douglas Smith, Gregory Manches, and Ted Wright

Gregory Manchess with Anastasiya

Doug Smith with intern Melannie Montenegro

Mark Weiner and Ted Wright

Scott Brundage, Edward Kinsella, and Doug Smith

Edward Kinsella III's silver medal winning illustration

Chris Gall and David Johnson

Paul Cox, Mark Summers, and Anna and Elena Balbusso

Intern Delia Evin with Edward Kinsella III

James Bennett speaking to some of our interns. 

Paul Cox speaking with David Johnson

Chris Gall with Ted Wright

Goni Montes and Anastasiya chatting with Nick Mrozowski of Adweek

Richard with Ted Wright and Mark Wiener

Ted Wright and Mark Summers

Mark T. Smith talking to Irene Vandervoot of Penguin Group

Hermann Mejia and Tim Bower

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