January 17, 2012

Goni Montes - Drawing Crowds and Fire

It just keeps getting better and better for Goni Montes. First came the news of his double Gold and Silver medals from the Society of Illustrators in LA, and now he just released 2 fabulous new illustrations. As always, he is very generous with sharing his process from beginning to end. 

The process below is taken from Goni's blog

"The Activist and Trickle Down Effect were both done for the same issue of The Work Style magazine. Both were art directed by Marta Scetta. I had a lot of fun with these two as they were rather active.
From thumbnails to final, here’s the process for The Activist…

… and the process for Trickle Down Effect.

Marta chose #2 with only one change, switching from a male character to female character. This terrific idea lent itself to create a more interesting character, as the male juggler that I’d drawn looked sort of generic.

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