December 1, 2011

This Island Earth: An artist's apocalyptic vision...

This Island Earth: An artist's apocalyptic vision....
Michal Dziekan
"End of the human race is just part of an endless life cycle."
- Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity
Tim Bower
"When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened." 
- John M. Richardson, Jr.
Eric Drooker
"It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine."
- REM, It's the End of the World As We Know It
Ted Wright
"Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust..."
- Book of Common Prayer
David Johnson
"Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative."
- H. G. Wells
Kinuko Y. Craft
"In the year 2025, the best men don't run for president, they run for their lives. . ."
- Stephen King, The Running Man
Kent Barton
"This is the way the world ends 
Not with a bang but a whimper."
 - T.S. Eliot
Jon Foster
"How would you know if you were the last man on Earth? He said. 
I don't guess you would know it. You'd just be it. "
 - Cormac McCarthy, The Road
Douglas Smith
"In the final decade of the 21st Century, men and women in rocket ships landed on the moon. By 2200 AD, they had reached the other planets of our solar system. . . And so, at last, mankind began the conquest and colonization of deep space."
- Forbidden Planet (1956)
Tran Nguyen
"Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present."
- Marcus Aurelius
Chris Gall
"Don't blame yourself. The apocalypse wasn't your fault. Actually, it was just as much your fault as it was anyone else's. Come to think of it, if you're an American, it was probably about 80-90 percent more your fault than the average human. But don't let that get you down. It wasn't exclusively your fault. Unless you're the president. Then it might be your fault. But you'll have plenty of interns to tell you that it wasn't, so you'll be fine."
- Meghann Marco, Field Guide to the Apocalypse
Chase Stone
"We gaze continually at the world and it grows dull in our perceptions. Yet seen from the another's vantage point, as if new, it may still take our breath away."
- Dr.Manhattan, Watchmen
Bill Sanderson
"Perhaps in the world's destruction it would be possible at last to see how it was made. Oceans, mountains. The ponderous counterspectacle of things ceasing to be. The sweeping waste, hydroptic and coldly secular. The silence."
- Cormac McCarthy, from "The Road"
Scott Brundage
"What's going to happen is, very soon, we're going to run out of petroleum, and everything depends on petroleum. And there go the school buses. There go the fire engines. The food trucks will come to a halt. This is the end of the world."
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Rolling Stone
John Mattos
"Commander John J. Adams: Nice climate you have here. High oxygen content. 
Robby the Robot: I seldom use it myself, sir. It promotes rust."
- Forbidden Planet (1956)
Yan Nascimbene
“Sure, everything is ending," Jules said, "but not yet.”
- Jennifer Egan, A Visit from the Goon Squad
Gary Kelley
“I sat in the dark and thought: There’s no big apocalypse. Just an endless procession of little ones.”
- Neil Gaiman, Signal to Noise
Murray Kimber
"Science has not yet mastered prophecy. We predict too much for the next year and yet far too little for the next ten."
- Neil Armstrong, speech to joint session of Congress, 16 September 1969

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