November 12, 2011

Ted Wright Honors Vietnam and Iraq Veterans

In honor of Vietnam War veterans and in celebration of Veteran's Day, artist Ted Wright just finished a new illustration that will be featured as a mural for The Rickman Library in Arnold, Missouri. From time to time, Ted is asked to do this photo collage style even though it is not what he normally works in. 

"The reason for this mural is that eight soldiers on the artwork graduated from Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri. Seven of the soldiers were killed in Vietnam, and one was killed in Iraq. Mr. Richard Simpson and Mr. Ron Clark headed up this project in conjunction with the traveling Vietnam Wall project. One of the fallen soldiers, Gary Allen Bullerdick, is a relative of Richard Simpson. Ron Clark and I Graduated from Fox High School in 1976 and the artwork is a donation to the school from the both of us. The finished print is 5' x 12'.

A copy of the artwork was given to each of the families as a tribute to their sons.

The reason that I wanted to do this artwork was to pay tribute to my uncle Joseph W. Morrison that was killed in Vietnam on Mar. 3, 1967. The uniform on the soldier is all 1967 gear and is authentic to that year to honor him. He was 19 years old when he was died in combat and lived in Festus, Missouri.

In Honor of Veterans Day.

Thank you."

-Ted Wright

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