October 25, 2011

Kinuko Y. Craft Joins the Illustration Group

Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most well-known artists in fantasy genre, a legend in her own right. For several years now, she has been part of Richard's Art on a Grand Scale group, contributing large scale work to clients such as the World Food Prize building in Des Moines, Iowa. Just last week, after a conversation with Richard at the opening of the World Food Prize building, Kinuko decided to join the illustration group. We are very proud and excited to have her in our group! 

“With her broad range of work and international acclaim, there is no further explanation required about Kinuko Y. Craft as an artist. In spite of the many awards and honors bestowed upon her, we must respect most of all, her steadfast attitude and the desire which drives her to continue to follow her artistic dreams.”

Shinichi Doi, Curator, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you haven't already, take a look through her amazing work on our website: 


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