September 12, 2011

We Remember...

We Remember...
"The artists, my staff, and I remember the day 10 years ago that changed our lives forever. These artworks are a tribute to the people affected by that tragic event. From us to you, we will never forget."
- Richard Solomon

Murray Kimber

"9/11 was a watershed moment that changed not only the lives of Americans, but history itself. It was a horrendous act that has left families forever scarred and countries forever altered. As we pay tribute to those who died senselessly and bravely, people everywhere must also realize that hate is our single greatest threat."
- Murray Kimber

Chris Gall

“One day after the attacks, I felt the overwhelming urge to do something. I wanted to express my emotions artistically. I had seen a photograph of several firefighters attaching a tattered flag to a twisted piece of metal, and I immediately was reminded of the iconic “flag raising” scene on Iwo Jima in the second world war. My interpretation follows the poses of those men some 50 years before. Weeks later, many people began to see those similarities and the flag raising event at the Trade Center became just as iconic.”
- Chris Gall

Ted Wright

"It's hard to believe that happened 10 years ago already, but it still hurts like the first day it happened. May God bless all of those lost in the tragedy and the families left behind."
- Ted Wright

Tim Bower

"This idea was conceived on the first anniversary of 9/11, when thoughts of optimism and rebirth surrounded the rebuilding of the ground zero site."
- Tim Bower

Gregory Manchess

"While most people were heading away from the disaster, NY's finest were heading back into the danger. They willingly risked their health and their lives to help in the rescue efforts. It's too simple to state that they were brave. They were empathetic to their fellow countrymen who were experiencing the very horrors the rescuers could only imagine. They wanted to prevent as much suffering as possible."
- Gregory Manchess

Guy Stauber

"Band of Brothers"

Douglas Smith

"A Light of Remembrance"

Rudy Gutierrez

"Out of the Rubble"
Out of the fear

out of the fire

out of the tears

heroes emerge
Out of the rubble

out of the dark
spirits wander and wonder

if they are, or not
They join in totems of hope

and climb

out of this rubble
Out of this mountain of rubble

twins bloom

twin towers of hope
- Rudy Gutierrez © 2001

Eric Drooker

"This image depicts the shock & despair of a native New Yorker, as he continues to create art amid the recent destruction."
- Eric Drooker

Kent Barton

"An act of war"

David Johnson

"Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani"

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