September 14, 2011

Jason Seiler creates advertising imagery for UK Summer Olympics 2012

Jason Seiler was commissioned to create artwork for billboards around the UK for the upcoming 2012 summer Olympics. Since this was a government commission, there were many looming over Jason's shoulder; he needed approval for every detail. However, despite the short deadlines and heavy art direction, Jason did a superb job! 

One of the illustrations had to use the UK staple, "Punch & Judy", but with Olympic characters. 

"The puppeteer is an actual puppeteer on Weymouth beach in the U.K. They wanted him to be popping out the side of the box as if he were controlling the puppet show, and in sunlight! I was given reference of the guy to work from but the reference was nothing like what they wanted in terms of expression, lighting and so on. Overcast/cloudy day . . . so that was another challenge, but I enjoyed it greatly!" - Jason

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