August 4, 2011

C.F. Payne and Gary Kelley teach at the University of Hartford

Arists C.F. Payne and Gary Kelley went to teach graduate students at the University of Hartford's Art School a couple of weeks ago. 

Here is what C.F. Payne had to say about his experience there: 

"Last week Gary Kelley and I were at the University of Hartford Art School as visiting instructors teaching in their Graduate Studies Program.  The Graduate Studies Program is the product of Murray Tinkelman and wonderfully managed by his wife Carol.  Along with the full time faculty of the school, Doug Anderson, Dennis Nolan and Bill Thomson, Gary and I work with the students an entire week in producing a volume of quality work which they could share with pride. 

A couple of weeks prior, I was in Kansas City at Mark and John English’s Illustration Academy where Gary is now participating just one day following his return home from Hartford.  If Gary shares the same experience I had in Kansas City, he too will have two weeks of intense teaching and learning under his belt this summer.

I enjoyed my classroom experience when I was a student myself at Miami University in Oxford, OH. It is known for its business school and as such the art department there didn’t receive the same acknowledgement or praise. But through the efforts of a couple of key faculty, my experience at Miami was meaningful.  It was in a specific class lead by Joe Cox III that I met John Maggard, Bill Cigliano and Gary Mix. Immediately after graduation, I went to the Illustration Workshop, held in Tarrytown, NY, that featured Alan E. Cober, Mark English, Bernie Fuchs, Fred Otnes, Bob Peak and Bob Heindel. It was more than 25 years ago, when I lived and worked in Dallas, TX, that I was offered a teaching position at Brookhaven Community College at the request of Judy Kaufman. It was because of my positive experience as a student and wanting to recreate the environment for others to learn about illustration that I gladly accepted the position.

Since my days at Brookhaven, I have taught at East Texas State University, Miami University, and now at Columbus College of Art and Design.  Also, I have taught at the Illustration Academy and the Graduate Studies Program run by Murray both at Syracuse University or where it calls home now at the University of Hartford for around 15 years. 

All of this has allowed me to share with a huge number of energetic, inspired, talented young people the notion that illustration is a meaningful art form, that when taken seriously can have impact and be great.  I have tried to be a good teacher knowing that I can learn as much from my students as I hope they can learn from me.  If I have done my job right, they have learned more from me."

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