July 13, 2011

Dictators: Bad Boys, Bullies, and Real Bastards

Dictators: Bad Boys, Bullies, and Real Bastards.
Tyler Jacobson

"It goes without saying that when survival is threatened, struggles erupt between peoples, and unfortunate wars between nations result. "
-Hideki Tojo

Guy Stauber

"Americans are the great Satan, the wounded snake."
-Ayatollah Khomeini
Doug Cowan

"Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin."
-Muammar Gaddafi

Ted Wright

"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."
-Adolph Hitler

John Mattos

"I am Fidel Castro and we have come to liberate Cuba. "
-Fidel Castro

Jason Seiler

"I do not want to be controlled by any superpower. I myself consider myself the most powerful figure in the world, and that is why I do not let any superpower control me."
-Idi Amin
Mark Summers

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun."
-Mao Zedong
Bill Sanderson (Felix Dennis©)

"Politics is when you say you are going to do one thing while intending to do another. Then you do neither what you said nor what you intended."
-Saddam Hussein
Rudy Gutierrez

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."
-Adolph Hitler
Scott Brundage

“From the desert, the dawn of a new age shines upon humanity, the age of the masses.”
-Muammar Gaddafi
Yan Nascimbene

"The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it."
-Adolph Hitler

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