June 3, 2011

When East Meets West - My visit to The San Francisco Art Academy

I just returned from my annual trip to the Bay area to review BFA and MFA graduate student work at the Academy of Art. This year, I was also one of a few judges charged with picking the winners in various genres. I have attached photographs of the winners in each category. I found the work to be of a high caliber and as always, the faculty to be enthusiastic and cooperative. A shout out to Chuck Pyle, my friend and Chair of the Illustration Department. The best description for Chuck is he really cares

While I was there, I met up with several of my artists, John Mattos, Tyler Jacobson, and John Hersey. We had a great time together, as always. Tyler, a former student and gold medal winner, was one of our judges. 

A trip to the Bay area would not be complete without going over to the Asian Art Museum; they had a Bali exhibit which I didn't want to miss. Being a collector of Burmese and Indonesian puppets, I came home with several superb examples, as usual. Even the weather cooperated; crisp, clear, and a little bit nippy. Oh, and by the way, here are a couple of recommendations for dining if you ever go to San Francisco: You have GOT to go to Betelenut and Burma Superstar; 2 fabulous eateries. 

And what would a trip to the Bay area be for me without visiting Fantasy Junction in Emeryville across the bridge, the great classic car emporium, where cars are treated like precious works of art. Say hello to Chris Christiansen, a great gentleman and a lover of all things artistic. 

Me with Tyler Jacobson
In front of some great student work. 

Niki Waters - Gold Medal
BFA Comics first place - Garrett Richert

BFA Comics runner up - Thanh Ma
Childrens Book first place-Hsiao-Chi-Chang
MFA first Place
Roman Muradov

MFA Best of Show runner up - Yannan Kang

MFA Traditional runner up - Fiona Meng

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  1. Amazing, the excellence of some of the work, isn't it?

    Twice I was honored to be on the jury panel for the SF Arts Academy Illustration students' show and was blown away by the inspiration, maturity and technical ability of the students. They were certainly much more "professional" than I was at their age (or that I am today?)

    The amount of work and talent is especially remarkable, considering how hard it is for them today to maintain some faith. Congratulations to the winners and all!