June 6, 2011

Mark Summers with some illustration trivia...

Singer/songwriter Joan Baez by Mark Summers

"I did this piece for Barnes and Noble.  It was just when they had decided to give the subject "sketch approval".  She considers herself an artist and kept sending me notes about how I was getting things wrong.  Said I made her look like the Singing Nun (hey, you cut your hair short and wear all black, that's going to happen.)  She eventually called and I asked her to send me the best photo ever taken of her and I will render it.  What did she send? A newspaper clipping of herself on stage, taken from a balcony and where her full figure was about 2 1/2 inches high.  I enlarged it 400% and her face was composed of about 8 dots.

I finally found a nice head shot and used my sister in-laws body.

Illustration trivia.  Is there anything more fascinating?"

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