April 8, 2011

Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Artists"

Although the new special issue of Rolling Stone was meant to list the 100 greatest musicians, it also showed the work of some of the best illustrators in the industry who illustrated each musical talent over the years. Sterling HundleyTim BowerGreg ManchessMark Summers, and Gary Kelley were among the artists from our group as well as Mark Burckhardt, Andrea Ventura, and Owen Smith from the Art on a Grand Scale group. Here are just some of the images featured in the magazine. 

Tim Bower - Black Sabbath
Sterling Hundley - Stevie Wonder
Gary Kelley - The Shirelles
Greg Manchess - The Four Tops
Andrea Ventura - Janis Joplin

Mark Summers - Bo Didley 

Owen Smith - Jay Z

Mark Burckhardt - Johnny Cash

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