April 12, 2011

Jason Seiler lends His Skill to the New York Observer Once Again

Jason Seiler has been among the favorites of the New York Observer to illustrate their cover. The most recent issue, "The Incredible Shrinking Budget", is a perfect combination of humor and satire, truth and ridiculousness. 

Here is what Jason said in his blog...

"New cover I painted this week. This one was a lot of fun to do, and as usual, these turnarounds are fairly quick. I started sketches and ideas on Friday and the final was due the following Tuesday! I really enjoy doing these covers for the Observer, this is my third cover for them and I hope to do many more!"
"This is my first, very rough thumbnail. This was done in about 5 minutes, just putting down lines quickly, giving birth to the idea . . . it's easier for me to get it out and then develop it more as I go."

"The idea begins to form . . ."

"Steps, from initial head sketch to block in of color . . ."

Final art and layout

"Close up crop of my final art."

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