April 26, 2011

World Food Prize is Posting Greg Manchess Murals

Greg Manchess did a series of four murals for the World Food Prize building under construction right now. The murals feature four places of Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug's life and humanitarian work. 

Mark Summers Works His Magic

Mark Summers recently illustrated Houdini for L.A. Magazine; it concerns a Houdini exhibit opening at the Skirball Museum. The real magic here is the extraordinary talent of Mark!

Jason Seiler's Hilarious Take on Conan

It just keeps getting better and better with every illustration for Jason Seiler. This rendition of Conan O'Brien is part disturbing and purely brilliant. We KNOW it will bring a tear (of joy) to Conan's eye when he sees it. The woman on the right is actually Jason's wife!


"I've been a big fan of Conan's for years now, ever since I was in high school, and absolutely love him. I've been wanting to paint Conan for a while now and decided it was finally time to have a go."

April 25, 2011

C.F. Payne + New York Observer = One Great Cover

Glenn Beck received the special treatment from famed humorist C. F. Payne on the most recent issue of the New York Observer. 

April 22, 2011

Mark Summers: Money Money Money

Hot of the press is the new issue of ESPN magazine Mark Summers  illustrated the cover for. "All About the Money" discusses the top paid athletes and the money making business of sports. 

Sterling Hundley's New Book is Coming out in August!

Blue Collar / White Collar 
by Sterling Hundley.
Published by AdHouse Books
Blue Collar/White Collar collects the art of award-winning illustrator and painter Sterling Hundley. This retrospective monograph is embellished with process while showcasing Hundley's commercial work AND fine-art career. Hundley employs materials from traditional (printmaking, oils, acrylics) to digital, in creating his idea-driven solutions. The result? Work that lies between a blue collar ethic and white collar aesthetic.
160 4C pages
6 " x 9 " HC
$24.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-15-2
Shipping August 2011
Diamond Order Code: to come

April 20, 2011

Hermann Mejia Documents his Painting of Willem Dafoe

Artist Hermann Mejia posted this video last year of a painting he did of Willem Dafoe, we all thought it was definitely worth a repost. 

Gary Kelley - Columbia Magazine

Illustration icon Gary Kelley did the cover and 2 interior illustrations for Columbia Magazine. The article was about famous playwright Tony Kushner.

April 18, 2011

Qaddafi Duck - Scott Brundage

Scott Brundage's depiction of Gaddafi certainly puts a smile (and several good laughs) on everyone's face in a time of war and uncertainty. We think this certainly goes down as one of the classics of despot caricatures.

Solving a C.F Payne Puzzle

A shipment of puzzles from Buffalo games featuring C. F. Payne's artwork was received at our office last week. Eagerly, we opened up a box and after quite a few hours, we completed one of the puzzles. 

April 15, 2011

Murray Kimber's Latest Commissions

Murray Kimber certainly has an eye for color and dynamic compositions. He recently lent his skill to The Deal magazine and the National Public Works.
Illustration for The Deal

Illustration for National Public Works Week

Poster Give-a-away!

We are giving away our fabulous new promotional Factoid poster to the next 100 Breakthrough Contest applicants. If you applied, just email us your mailing address and we will ship one over to you. 

Just a reminder, the deadline for the contest is June 10. To view rules, eligibility, prize, and to apply, go to http://www.richardsolomon.com/breakthrough/

Mark Summer's Composers

Mark Summers is arguably one of the best scratchboard artists of all time. In this series, he illustrated well-known composers with a touch of humor. 

For close-ups and detailed looks, go here.
Gilbert and Sullivan










Dongyun Does Fortune

Fortune magazine's latest issue featured Dongyun Lee's illustration of asian business. Dongyun once again shows his ability to compose multiple elements in a fun, dynamic way.