March 18, 2011

The New York Observer

Just recently, illustrators Tim Bower, Jason Seiler, and James Bennett worked with Ivy Simones at The New York Observer to create these fantastic covers:

Tim Bower
Jason Seiler
James Bennett

James Bennett had this to say about his experience creating this piece shown directly above: 

"I had never had the pleasure of working with Ivy Simones before, but she made this assignment a short,enjoyable one. As Design Director at the New York Observer, her concept for the cover was simple (as most successful ones are): Show the NJ Nets owner, Mikhail Prokorov and the NY Knicks mover and shaker, James Dolan, fighting. No mental heavy lifting on my part, and luckily, two businessmen with character on their faces (a rarity).

Once I've researched their faces and body types, I create small simple figures, that I pose in various "fighting" positions. After settling on my favorite pose I'll do a slightly tighter sketch, hoping to keep the same composition. If all still is working well, I'll do an even tighter sketch which I'll send to Ivy.

Working with a quick deadline, I was happy to hear nothing but raves from Ivy and her editor. No changes to the sketch. Once I settled on the appropriate light sources for the figures, I snapped a few reference shots of my oldest son's arms and hands and prepared to paint. Without boring you with my entire painting process, I applied paint until I was satisfied."

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