March 7, 2011

General Strike Poster - Eric Drooker

Just about 2 weeks ago, we received a phone call from the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) for our artist, Eric Drooker, to design and illustrate the poster for the General Strike of 2011. Without going into the issues in depth, the Governor, Scott Walker of Wisconsin has proposed a bill, which will, if passed, strip Unions of the right to negotiate contracts collectively for their members. It will have potentially devastating effects for all public service employees in Wisconsin (and other states if other governors propose such bills for their states.) Drooker enthusiastically accepted the project pro bono and now his image is being displayed on the I.W.W. website internationally in 3 languages as well as being used by protesters all over the U.S. (and perhaps the world?)


  1. Way to go! A great poster for what seems to be a great cause!

  2. Hi dr. To answer your question, the hi res image file can be found here:

    So you can download and use it.