March 29, 2011

Uncle Sam wants YOU!

Chris Whetzel recently did an illustration for Golf Magazine featuring the iconic Uncle Sam image. The premise of the article was why American golfers have been shut out of major tournaments lately. Art directed by Paul Crawford.

March 25, 2011

Paul Cox's Suits

Artist Paul Cox created these paintings for custom suit tailoring company Anderson & Sheppard in England. Being a Brit himself, Paul certainly knows how to portray the elegance of a well-fitting suit on a classy gentleman. 

Jason Seiler's "Obama"

Just recently, artist Jason Seiler did a piece do The Weekly Standard. All we can say is that not only is it brilliantly painted (in a very short time no less) but it's also hilarious. Thanks Jason for putting a smile on our faces.

March 21, 2011

Doug Cowan for The Deal

Very recently, Doug Cowan illustrated an article for Larry Gendron, art director at The Deal magazine. The black and white image looks very sauve with the black type and white paper, overall making one very cool layout.

March 18, 2011

The New York Observer

Just recently, illustrators Tim Bower, Jason Seiler, and James Bennett worked with Ivy Simones at The New York Observer to create these fantastic covers:

Tim Bower
Jason Seiler
James Bennett

James Bennett had this to say about his experience creating this piece shown directly above: 

"I had never had the pleasure of working with Ivy Simones before, but she made this assignment a short,enjoyable one. As Design Director at the New York Observer, her concept for the cover was simple (as most successful ones are): Show the NJ Nets owner, Mikhail Prokorov and the NY Knicks mover and shaker, James Dolan, fighting. No mental heavy lifting on my part, and luckily, two businessmen with character on their faces (a rarity).

Once I've researched their faces and body types, I create small simple figures, that I pose in various "fighting" positions. After settling on my favorite pose I'll do a slightly tighter sketch, hoping to keep the same composition. If all still is working well, I'll do an even tighter sketch which I'll send to Ivy.

Working with a quick deadline, I was happy to hear nothing but raves from Ivy and her editor. No changes to the sketch. Once I settled on the appropriate light sources for the figures, I snapped a few reference shots of my oldest son's arms and hands and prepared to paint. Without boring you with my entire painting process, I applied paint until I was satisfied."

March 15, 2011

Scott Brundage Wins the Silver Medal for Spectrum

Congratulations to illustrator Scott Brundage who won a silver medal from Spectrum 18 for his Tiger painting created for a Richard Solomon Artist's Representative promotional poster.

Tigers have striped skin, not only striped fur. 

Brigham Young University Students Visit My Office

Yesterday, Professor Robert T. Barrett made a pilgrimage to New York City with a group of his BYU students. As part of their visit which included seeing the Met and the Frick Collection, a studio visit with Brad Holland, and a Society of Illustrators walkthrough; they also came to my office. For an hour and half, I talked about the business of art and did a Q and A. I really enjoy these visits because it's a way of me giving back. Those of you who know me know that I am passionate about art, about my artists, and I really get a kick out of meeting young, enthusiastic artists in the making. I am always welcome to receive a group of students and dialogue. 

Are you good enough? - Sterling Hundley answers the age old question.

Sterling Hundley is one of those generous artists who enjoys doling out pearls of wisdom to young and eager students. One question we are all sure he gets at least once a day is "Am I good enough?" The following is an excerpt from Sterling's blog where he gives a truly helpful answer that applies not only to aspiring artists but seasoned vets as well.

"Am I Good Enough?

I've had students in the past ask me the question: "Do you think that I am good enough?"

My answer: "If anyone could say anything in that moment that would keep you from pursuing your dreams, then you should find something else to do with your life."

The point is rarely wether you are good enough now, or not. Likely, you are not; at least not to compete against the seasoned veterans that will be considered for the best projects with the best budgets. An aspiring creative must be willing to put themselves into a position where they can grow within the discipline. An artists should mature over time. This is the natural way of things. Ideally, we will be better in the future than we are today.

The answer to this question doesn't lie in the opinions of others. It is something that you must directly ask yourself." 

Thank you Sterling

March 14, 2011

Jonathan Wayshak - A Macabre Artist with a Generous Soul

Recently on of our artists created a piece for a charity auction benefiting orphaned children in Ghana. Here is an excerpt from his blog:

"An 8″x 8″ painting on wood for the Art Blocks for Ghana charity art auction to provide boarding and education for orphaned children in Ghana, West Africa. Here is a 2″x 2.5″ DETAIL OF THE PAINTING.Was hanging in New York, now making its way to LA for the auction on March 12th @ Gallery Nucleus. More info here: Art Blocks for Ghana."

Also at the show, an Iphone case featuring the image will be auctioned off for charity. 

You can find the auction here.

March 11, 2011

Breakthrough Contest Launch Today!

For the past year, we have been developing a contest to find the best young talent worldwide. The winner will come to New York City and meet many industry pros. We are proud to launch the Breakthrough Contest today. Everyone in my office is very excited to see what entries will come through our gates.

The deadline is June 2011 and submissions can be made at
For a printable image follow this link:

Keeping up with Jason Seiler

Hardly a day goes by without Jason sending us new work, new sketches, and new ideas. In the same fashion, hardly a week goes by without an art director looking to commission him. It is hard to imagine how he has time to do all that he does and yet still maintain the diligence, detail, and care of a work of art that would take 10 times longer to create.

Here is the latest from Jason, fabulous cover and interior illustrations for the Utne Reader:

March 10, 2011

Andrew R. Wright - The No Talent Kid

"The No Talent Kid" certainly does not hold true for Andrew R. Wright who illustrated the article for the Saturday Evening Post recently.

March 8, 2011

Society of Illustrators 53 Opening: Advertising and Institutional

The Advertising and Institutional awards are the last installment of the Society Annual show. It is known for being mellow and having some of the best art. This year was no exception. From the series of 3 large scale, black and white, award winning nudes by Rick Berry, to the the relief sculpture of fishermen by Owen Smith, this show displayed the diverse nature of illustration in the advertising and institutional world.

As usual my staff, my interns, and I attended this year's show and caught up with lots of friends. I would like to give a shout out to my old buddy Joel Iskowitz who lives in Woodstock, NY. We go back a very, very long way. Can you believe that we were classmates at the Music and Art High School many moons ago? I am so happy that he has been recognized for his craftsmanship. He has been working for the United States mint and has done hundreds of stamps for almost every country in the world. At dinner, he regaled us with stories of his many Air Force trips and the adventures that he had circling the globe and creating oil paintings for the USAF which are in the Air Force museum and Pentagon.
Above: Some examples of Joel's work for the US Mint. Below: Joel Iskowitz and I standing by his art. 

Edel Rodriguez and Yuko Shimizu anouncing winners
Rafal Olbinski accepting his silver medal.
Rafal's award winning piece.
Greg Manchess standing by his incredible painting.
Another piece by Greg.
A beautiful and emotional work by Owen Smith.
Owen's relief sculpture.
Andrew R. Wright

March 7, 2011

General Strike Poster - Eric Drooker

Just about 2 weeks ago, we received a phone call from the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) for our artist, Eric Drooker, to design and illustrate the poster for the General Strike of 2011. Without going into the issues in depth, the Governor, Scott Walker of Wisconsin has proposed a bill, which will, if passed, strip Unions of the right to negotiate contracts collectively for their members. It will have potentially devastating effects for all public service employees in Wisconsin (and other states if other governors propose such bills for their states.) Drooker enthusiastically accepted the project pro bono and now his image is being displayed on the I.W.W. website internationally in 3 languages as well as being used by protesters all over the U.S. (and perhaps the world?)