February 15, 2011

It’s My Party!!

Every year, in conjunction with the Society of Illustrators Book and Editorial show, I throw a party in honor of my artists. This year was no exception and we gathered at my office on Saturday afternoon around 1:00 pm to eat, drink, and schmooze. We always have a good time, get to know each other better, tell war stories, and have a couple of laughs. I had the brainstorm of catering the party by one of my favorite restaurants “Café Mingala”, one of the very few Burmese restaurants in NYC. I think my artists were somewhat hesitant to dig in at first but once they tried it, they became instant fans of Burmese cuisine… NYC has its advantages.
I hope you will enjoy a few snapshots we took over the course of the afternoon.

Jami and Natasha from TheIspot talk to Mark T. Smith.

Goni Montes and Maria Ragusa-Burfield of Altpick chow down.

Deborah Beckett and Mark Summers having some laughs.

ames Bennett explaining his process to Bob Pastore and Jeanne

Jo Ann Miller of the Directory of Illustration and Tim Bower are captivated by a Mark Summer’s story.

Mark Wiener talks art.

Having some laughs.

I hit a high note.

All line up to send a card to a sick friend.

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