February 9, 2011

It's My Party!!

Every year, in conjunction with the Society of Illustrators Book and Editorial show, I throw a party in honor of my artists. This year was no exception and we gathered at my office on Saturday afternoon around 1:00 pm to eat, drink, and schmooze. We always have a good time, get to know each other better, tell war stories, and have a couple of laughs. I had the brainstorm of catering the party by one of my favorite restaurants “Café Mingala”, one of the very few Burmese restaurants in NYC. I think my artists were somewhat hesitant to dig in at first but once they tried it, they became instant fans of Burmese cuisine… NYC has its advantages.

I hope you will enjoy a few snapshots we took over the course of the afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. What a great memory of our fun!!! This takes time to post - thank you for taking the time and sharing all with me!!! We're all pretty cute aren't we!! I'm smiling now!!!
    :) Jo Ann