December 22, 2010

Art Basel Miami: The Scene at the Fair

The first week in December brings a unique crowd to Miami.

Art folks from all over the world descend for a few days of schmoozing, pontificating, telling tall tales, telling tales out of school, and actually looking at and buying art. It is a one of a kind get together in the art world. One place at one time every year. And what better locale than the Art Deco capital of America, Miami Beach. The weather is grand, the people watching is to die for, and sometimes you run into some terrific talent. But you never know.

I want to share with you this first of several posts a scene-set of my week under the sun. I was going to call it “From the sublime to the ridiculous,” but I think I’ll save my take on the best and worst art for a later post. For now, I simply want to use my camera to talk for me about some of the interesting things that caught my eye.

Let’s begin.

The snail march

The Boss takes the pulse of PULSE.

Pulse Sillybandz

The Jackie Gleason Theater.

Palm trees on Collins Ave.

R&R outside of Design Miami.

Very cool!

Mural by our newest artists Raoul and Davide. The coolest dudes at the show.

Our artist Franky Cruz at work.

Sunset at a Primary Flight location.

The New Zealand crew makes magic.


Caught off guard.

Franky Cruz looks for inspiration.

Vintage fashion show at the Albion.

Miami Beach post modern.

Prototype of the new Audi at the Design Miami fair.

Is this art?

Is this art? II

Is this art? III