October 22, 2010

Mark English at Eleanor Ettinger Gallery

On the evening of October 14th, my staff and I attended the inaugural exhibition of the Eleanor Ettinger Gallery in their new home on West 57th Street NYC. Mark English (who I represent in Art On A Grand Scale) was the featured artist.

To say that Mark is great is an understatement. He is a recipient of the Hamilton King Award, which
is given to an "artist of the year," voted on by his peers, and was elected to the Illustrators Hall of Fame by the Society of Illustrators. Need I say that he has done illustrations for all major publications, and has had many
gallery shows? He is equally comfortable in the world of Fine Art and Illustration and is able to shift gears easily.

What is most appealing to me about Mark's work is his ethereal, ghostlike imagery that is buried deep inside the canvas. At times, figures and animals reveal themselves out of the beautiful color fields.

I had not seen Mark an year and half and as always he was gracious, charming and consummate gentleman. My artist Greg Manchess dropped by and we all had a wonderful evening talking and telling war stories.

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