September 17, 2010

Blow Up

On Friday September 10th, my staff and I attended the first show of the fall season at the SOI, entitled "Blow-Up.” It featured three illustrators who are at the forefront and cutting edge of new illustration. The three artists are Tomer Hanuka, Yuko Shimizu, and Sam Weber.

On the first floor there were large reprinted “blow ups” of their illustrations, and downstairs were more art works which included in many cases black and white sketches of the step by step development of various projects.

Sam and Yuko's Art work

The Work of Tomer Hanuka

From my personal point of view, I was delighted to see several works by Tomer Hanuka in collaboration with his brother Asaf. I had dinner with Tomer Hanuka several month ago, and at the time he told me the fascinating story of a child army in the jungles of Burma. The boy army was led by an inspirational and charismatic young leader. I was very interested at the time in seeing how Tomer Hanuka and his brother would visualize this story inspired by from real life events. I must go back again when it is quieter and study these pieces. I now feel more strongly than ever that this story will be great, and could make a terrific movie. In my opinion, a new "Lord of the Flies".

me and my assistant Meredith, and Marcus Chin, me, and my assistant Ana

Don't miss this show, which closes October 16th!

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