July 8, 2010

President's Dinner and Hall of Fame Presentation

On Friday evening, June 25, the annual President's Dinner and Hall of Fame Presentation was held at the Society of Illustrators. The inductees into the Illustrators Hall of Fame this year were Chris Van Allsburg, Charles Edward Chambers, Earl Oliver Hurst, Orson Lowell and Wilson McLean.

John Jude Palencar was the recipient of the prestigious Hamilton King Award, given to the artist who is voted by his peers to have created the most outstanding artwork of the year. In reality, this is awarded to an artist's body of work topped off by a killer piece. I have admired John Jude's work for a very long time and I'm proud to represent him in my Art on a Grand Scale group.

Also going up on stage and being awarded the Dean Cornwell Achievement Award by the Director of the Society of Illustrators, Anelle Miller, were Scott Bakal and Robert Zimmerman.

As usual, it was a beautiful evening and a chance for the ladies and their men to dress to the nines. I was joined by my assistant, Ana Gomez, at a table with John Jude, his wife and two sons, Greg Manchess and Irene Gallo, and Liz Lomax and her friend.

For my money, Chris Van Allsburg was the most entertaining speaker, talking about his beginnings as an illustrator, his days at RISD and the serendipitous way a guy who wasn't sure of his drawing skills got to be the numero uno children's book artist in the United States. It was a very cool story.

(Photos by Gregory Manchess.)

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