July 2, 2010

Double Feature

Every time I update Scott Brundage's portfolio, I feel as if I'm doing him a disservice. Don't get me wrong, the art looks good, but it just feels so lacking in animation. And I'm not criticizing there him, either. I mean this literally.

Every month, Scott creates a piece for Tor.com that is at least two illustrations in one. Here's my personal favorite:

Scott really gets a chance to think outside the box and exercise his sense of humor with some great visuals. The monsters, aliens, and undead seem to be particular favorites over at Tor. This month, Irene Gallo had him bring a little caricature to the mix as well.

I've tried to animate it, but I'm no expert. If you want to see all of Scott's animated illustrations as they should be, just search for Brundage on Tor.

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