June 11, 2010

Illustrators Roll With The Green Wave

Last friday my staff and I were invited to the opening of the Society of Illustrators, EARTH: Fragile Planet. As the Society of Illustrators press release explains, it is “a nine week exhibit showcasing 120 of the world’s most accomplished illustrators giving them a forum to set forth their personal views about the state of the world and the environment. Divided into five categories: earth, energy, air, water, and wildlife, the exhibit consists of multi-media works including original art in both traditional and digital medium, video, 3D, and comics.”

The quality of the work was truly an eye opener. I've been to a lot of openings at the Society, and a lot of award shows, but this showcased a truly high level of artistic technique wedded to inventive conceptual subject matter. As an agent I'm always looking to see how an artist blends craftsmanship and an ability to think through a problem, and you could tell that the artists who participated put their heart and soul behind their individual projects. I noted that many of the projects were new, but some were from the artists archives. Be that as it may, they all represented a targeted and insightful commentary on the environment.

I have picked out a few examples which in my opinion answer the call. Even though Rudy Guterriez is an artist that I represent I can't help but include him. I did two or three passes of the show and I kept coming back to Rudy's piece. It was so powerful and inventive. Kudos as well to my buddy Greg Manchess, who (as always) gave 110%, and who curated this perfect show.

I urge all artists passing through New York in the next eight weeks to get over to the show. It's a treat for the eyes and the mind. To quote again; "The Society hopes that through this exhibit the field of illustration will help contribute to social and ecological consciousness. The goal of illustration is to elicit an emotional response from the viewer that will change the way they see the world and hopefully inspire some to become more active in effecting change for a better world. This project will reach out to a varied community of students, educators, artists and the public at large. With such powerful and inspiring art, the Society hopes to build awareness, bring people to action and help make a difference."

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