June 3, 2010

I left my Art in San Francisco

For the last few years I’ve been invited every May to review the graduating undergraduate and MFA work from the illustration department of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The various departments organize the annual spring show for the 18 separate art schools… quite an undertaking. I am one of approximately 1000 industry pros that converge on San Francisco for a few days to interact with the students, review portfolios and give professional career advice. What I admire about the Academy of Art is their interest in their students’ careers in the world of art. This is one of the few schools I have visited that spends time, effort, and money in prepping their students for the future.

Adam Dennis and Me

I must have done at least 50 portfolio reviews and saw a truly high caliber of work. But one artist I’d like to single out for praise this year is Adam Dennis. I would consider him a decorative artist, and he truly has his act together. He’s already gotten work in the area of product design with various watches and wakeboards. What I liked about his work was that it was consistent, he’s already developed what I call a signature style. I think he’s on the threshold, if he hasn’t already broken through as a pro. As opposed to many young artists he has a focus and he sees the applicability of his particular style for a legitimate market. He also has put in time and effort into his marketing, promotion, and website, which are all needed for an artist to make it.

Art of Adam Dennis

While I was in the bay area I got the chance to meet with several of my artists, including John Mattos and Owen Smith. I’m also delighted to report I had a meeting with my newest artist, Jon Wayshak, a brilliant and edgy graphic novel/comic artist. He was recommended to me by my good friend Barron Storey, who knows a thing or two about the world of the graphic novel.

I was also able to spend time with Akane Ogura, who will be joining my office in July as my newest intern. Others who I was able to connect with with were Alexa Scott, of the Workbook, and Kazu Sano, an artist whom I’ve always admired. And a trip to the bay area would never be complete without good food, long walks, hanging out, and a visit to the Asian Museum. (I indulged my habit and bought an Indonesian and Burmese puppet, which I added to my growing collection. ) I rounded out the trip by going with my artist John Mattos to Fantasy Junction, the classic car emporium to beat all. I saw some really cool cars as I always do, and had a hard time going back to the real world.

Me, Kazu Sano, Akane and her Mother

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