April 9, 2010

Introducing Jason Seiler

Richard Solomon Artist's Rep has recently welcomed several new artists into the group. We think it would be a good idea to introduce you to them, because you'll be seeing a lot of their work around you. Maybe you already have.

Take for example Jason Seiler, one of the most prolific caricature and portrait artists we've had the pleasure of knowing. Jason's highly detailed, evocative style walks the line between the work of a realist and a humorist. He also has some beautiful atmospheric tricks in his lineup. Take for example "3324 North California", painted especially for richardsolomon.com. You can read all about Jason's technique, his thoughts on caricature and digital art, and see the full process in his portfolio, here.

Jason also works fast. And we don't just mean his deadlines, although we know he's pulled some wonderful pieces out literally overnight (like this cover for the New York Observer, turned around over this past weekend.) Between the time he created 3324 for us at the start of the month and now, it's already won an award online from the CG Society.

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