April 8, 2010


In 1986 Monte Beauchamp, a Chicago-based designer and art director, founded BLAB!, which emphasizes comics and sequential art. In 1995, he extended the net and invited illustrators such as Gary Baseman, The Clayton Brothers, Mark Ryden, Christian Northeast, and Jonathon Rosen to contribute. He also selected "found" graphics... such as matchbook covers, European devil postcards, and Valmor cosmetic labels. Every year, he now invites about twenty-five artists from the fields of graphic design, printmaking, illustration, painting, and sequential art to contribute.

Last week my staff and I attended the opening night reception for BLAB at the Society of Illustrators. It was a different type of show than is the norm at the SoI, and the crowd was not made up of usual suspects. The subjects on the wall and the attendees were primarily from the sequential and comic book world. It was exciting to see a specific genre represented so deeply and thoroughly under one roof. I particularly was drawn to two artists, Ryan Heshka and Mark Landman. Just from a personal point of view, their artworks were my favorites.

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  1. A very good recap of the show, thanks Richard!
    It was great to see you there and I'll post the photo we took and a couple of others on my FB page. Ryan Heshka is also one of my favorites. Good talking to you on Fri.