February 23, 2010

"C.F. Payne, American Illustrator" at the Indiana University South Bend's Raclin School of the Arts Gallery

A solo show of CF Payne's work past and present is currently running, and will be open until March 5th. A local paper also did a very illuminating interview with Chris, which you can read online here.

February 18, 2010

Plentiful Pretty Pictures of Pele Playing

This week's featured illustrator is Rudy Gutierrez

Tyler Jacobson Wins Jack Gaughan Award

CTRL-N artist Tyler Jacobson has just been named Best Emerging Artist of the Year by the The New England Science Fiction Association. Read more.


If you receive our email blast, you may already have noticed that Richard Solomon, Artists Rep has added several artists over the past few months. Now that this year's Workbook is shipping, we'd like to formally introduce you to CTRL-N, a small group within our group; up and coming artists chosen by Richard for their skill and potential. They've already begun to create a buzz with work featured at the Society of Illustrators and in magazines like 3x3 and Notebook, as well as being singled out for awards. And we think you'll like them too.

Click on the thumbnails below to see their portfolios!

February 16, 2010

Society of Illustrators 52nd Annual Book and Editorial Exhibit

My crew and I had the pleasure of attending this year’s annual opening. You’ve got to love these events. Where else would you run into artists and art directors of all ages and styles in one building? This show emphasized the conceptual over storytelling, and had a sprinkling of traditional themes. As usual, the star of the awards ceremony was John Cuneo, with his much anticipated and loved scatological monologue. I think John missed out on his true calling… stand-up.

It was great to hear that John Jude Palencar had won the Hamilton King Award for most outstanding painting of the year with Muse and Reverie. I have known and repped John Jude for several years as a member of AOGS, and feel he is a unique talent as a painter and concepualizer… well deserved.

Speaking of artists, Yuko Shimizu won another gold medal this year… can this artist tell stories in a unique style or what? I have seen her develop and flower over the years, and feel that she is now at the top of her game and she feels confident in allowing her work to evolve. I noticed that her work is becoming less representational, with a more vibrant color palette. I think it’s starting to look less like pen and ink and more like some form of printmaking. Kudos to her.

Bill Mayer has been around for "a few years," and he should also be acknowledged for his signature style that is always fresh – love his stuff. I think it’s interesting that the piece he won gold for this year was one of his sketches. Personally I’ve always admired his body of work, which is more finished and very colorful. But in any form, he does have a different take on problem-solving.

Congratulations also to the RSAR artists in this show: Gary Kelley, Douglas Smith, and new talent Dongyun Lee.

… by the way, the hors d'ouvres were great and the wine and beer were free!

February 15, 2010

RSAR blog: Hacked and Fixed

For the past week, the Richard Solomon blog had been infected with a nasty redirect script. We held a few posts back to try and minimize traffic to the blog, but we're sure some readers were caught and we apologize for that. We're relieved to report that everything has been sorted out now.