January 29, 2010

Art that needs a hug

This week's featured illustrator is Edward Kinsella

This week's featured illustrator is Edward Kinsella

Paper Works!

Kindle, schmindle. And don’t hold your breath for the iPad. The show at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design is the real deal when it comes to seeing paper in a new light.

This show is an eye-opener. Titled “Slash: paper under the knife,” the third in a series of exhibitions devoted to the contemporary renaissance of traditional handcrafted materials, the exhibit showcases 52 artists from 16 countries and proves that paper is still a key tool for creativity. This is paper sculpture writ large, on a monumental scale.

My favorite work was done by the artist Andreas Kocks, entitled “Paperwork #935G.” The skill level, and frankly the monomaniacal intensity to do many of these pieces is both fascinating and somewhat incomprehensible.

See the show, before it closes. 2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10023

Photo by: Ed Watkins