January 6, 2009

Murdering Mr. Monopoly

Larry Gendron at The Deal asked me to come up with an image for an article about the sense of dread many economic analysts are feeling towards U.S. commercial real estate in 2009. For a variety of reasons it's a sector primed to collapse under its own weight. Disappearing credit coupled with too much lease space and not enough renters is robbing the sector of value. Like many bad news stories it's ripe with illustrative potential. It's a domino effect, a train wreck waiting to happen, an economic tsunami—there are lots of metaphors to describe it.

Larry was the most attracted to a sketch I did of Mr. Monopoly as a defeated looking scarecrow in a farmer's field being set upon by a murder of crows. Mr. Monopoly is a universal symbol of the real estate game. We both liked the graphic impact of the image and the undeniable double entendre to a figure crucified. This solution resolves the problem emotionally more than intellectually.

The finish:

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