January 13, 2009

Louise Fili on Design*Sponge

How excited was I this morning to spot a featured studio on Design*Sponge that I've actually had the privilege of seeing with my own eyes. The website showcases Louise Fili's new space, impeccably decorated with the many items she has designed over the years, as well as design finds from her travels through Europe, which have been grist for many beautiful design books.

Louise has been Richard's designer for about 20 years—she is the brain behind the logo and all of our branding materials—stationery, business cards, ad pages, and promotional kits.

Louise has also created numerous restaurant identities, and it's always a treat for me to see her work around the city. You know if you're looking at a Fili designed menu that the food is going to be amazing. How do you know it's a Fili menu? If it's elegant, lyrical, and entirely flawless, the chances are pretty good...

You can see more of Louise's work on her website, louisefili.com

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