January 27, 2009

2009-01-28 04:21:00

Monolith Ink and digital on board. see below for more information

David Apatoff, the author of Illustration Art, has featured my work on his blog. It is quite an honor, and the words of my friends and supporters are appreciated and moving. Follow this link to read his writing: Illustration Art

I have also been featured on booooooom, LOUDreams, and illustration mundo as an editor's choice. Thank you for the inclusion!
I have completed a commission for a publisher in Europe who is compiling an anthology on Stanley Kubrick. My final image is entitled Monolith, and it is meant to accompany Full Metal Jacket. Artistic inspirations on this one are coming from Picasso's Guernica, Gary Kelley's Mars, The Bringer of War (d'apres Picass0), and George Pratt.

This image goes beyond what I usually consider tasteful, but it does represent war, after all. Secondly, considering the graphic novel media, and the fact that one must seek out this work, I felt that I had more flexibility with what I decided to show.

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