January 19, 2009

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I have sold the original illustrations for The Pearl Fishers, created for the Lyric Opera of Kansas City, and the David Blanchflower illustration commissioned by Dartmouth College.

Original Prints of "Herd" and "Bookplate:Sterling Hundley" are for sale in the Purchase section of my website.

New illustration and story for the Departure page of Virginia Living Magazine

George Rogers Clark
for Virginia Living Magzine
By: Sterling Hundley 

Great battles are remembered for the spoils gained, and by the souls lost. Perhaps that is why George Rogers Clark lives in the historic shadow of his younger brother, the much celebrated William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark expedition fame.
Beginning in May of 1778, Virginia-born General George Rogers Clark led roughly 175 Virginia militiamen through the Northwest territory on one of the most successful campaigns of the Revolutionary War. Clark’s poorly funded and under trained militia conquered the British held posts of Kaskaskia, Sackville and Vincennes, convinced many of the hostile, British armed Indian tribes to transfer their support to the Americans, and served as the catalyst of the 1783 Treaty of Paris which nearly doubled the size of the thirteen original colonies- all without the loss of a single soldier under his command. 
Textbooks may champion younger brother William for returning with the spoils of exploration, but families should honor older brother George for returning home with the lives of our forefathers.


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