December 17, 2008

The Beauteous Ills of ImageS Magazine

Before working for Richard Solomon's Empire of Fun and Repping,* I was a semi-full-time assistant for several super star artists. I split my week between the studios of Steve Brodner, Burt Silverman and Peter de Sève. Peter, in particular, was a huge collector of art books, periodicals, prints, originals, graphic novels, doodled napkins and anything else with a beautiful image on it.

Peter introduced me to a magazine called ImageS published by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. Jim collects old and rare illustrations of a myriad of well known and relatively unknown illustrators. The magazines (I use that word loosely as they are gorgeous collections and hardly what I'd call a "magazine" in the common sense) are a who's who of beautiful and sometimes forgotten illustration. Many times, where institutions like The Society of Illustrators may gloss over an artist or group of artists in favor of legends like Wyeth, Leyendecker and Rockwell, ImageS highlights and showcases those names and pantloads of other brilliant artists including Harry Rountree, Edmund Dulac and Gustav Adolph Mossa to name a few.

Vadeboncoeur's collections truly shine in their respect for classical pen and ink work. He's published 4 black and white annuals highlighting work by people such as Herbert Railton, Heinrich Kley, Winsor McCay and T.S. Sullivant. Illustrations and cartoons from the golden era of pen and ink illustration 1858-1922, images plucked out of Life Magazine and Simplicissimus that many would never even know existed.

They are all for sale at but, sadly, some editions are already sold out.

*Slogan pending official approval.


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