November 20, 2008

Taking Questions on the Biz at

For the past month I've been taking questions on the forums. Many of the videos on this blog are in answer to those questions. If you're interested in the business from a rep's perspective, you can check out the thread here. We've covered subjects such as style, subject matter, marketing yourself, what to put in your portfolio, and more.

Below is a sample post to whet your appetite:

Each artist should think of him or herself as a brand. And as such, we become memorable. People think of brands and the brand brings up an association. And an artist, if they have a very strong brand, will bring up associations in clients. This is what you need and what you aim for.

To use an analogy, think of actors who become movie stars. Need I say more than Clint Eastwood? He brings up mental associations, and they use his name as shorthand when discussing a project, or another actor. If the actor fits the mold, everybody gets it.

As Eastwood's career has matured, he has been allowed much broader roles including the incorporation of vulnerability and introspection. But his core (his brand) has remained the same.

...this is my take on a strong signature style that grows and flowers over the years.

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