November 17, 2008

American Illustration HubDub

Every year we go down to the Lower East Side's Angel Orensanz Foundation for the annual American Illustration book release party (except those two years it was someplace else—what was that all about?) Every year I have way too good a time. Really, way too good. It's one of the only times we get to meet, talk to, and hang out with our friends and idols in the industry. Often we find out they're all (with kid-like enthusiasm) fans of each other too, and that is why I love this business!

If you missed the party, it's ok, you can still check out the artwork.

All photos by Rick Theis


  1. Richard Solomon, you made my day. We work so hard here to keep the place and its spiritup and running and in the way it was meant to be (we believe) at the very beginning (1840's: open, very open, enjoyable, uplifting, convivial and purpuseful. The illustrators and photographers night, with Mark, is that kind of event. We do not get any grants or supports but this kind of eco justifies the effort. Thanks for coming. We look forward to November 2009.

    Al and Maria

  2. Al and Maria, thank you so much for your comments! This party and place is special to me because I met my fiance there four years ago. He's also a jazz fan and we've been to many shows at the Angel Orensanz Foundation since, and every year we're there for the American Illustration party as well. Last year we brought along a houseguest and his 16 year old son who left convinced he wanted to move to New York when he graduated. A wonderful place.