October 8, 2008


Be sure to visit my new website. I have included 7 galleries with sketchbooks, another blog for questions, answers, and advice, and a for sale section that will make available original paintings, limited edition prints, posters, prints, etc. I hope to have this section up and running by the middle of October (around the 17th).

New work for North American Review:

Client: North American Review
AD: Gary Kelley
Timeline: I had roughly a month to work on this project from the assignment date. The final was completed over a three day period.
Gary was amazing to work for. Understanding that the budget was sparse, he gave me complete freedom to create something that I was excited about. The idea for this assignment came from a sketch in my sketchbook (see sketchbook 1, image 1), that deals with our ailing environment.
Description- We are in a struggle for our lives. With recent speculation that 1/4 of the world's mammals will be extinct in our lifetime, the dying off of honeybees, due to CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder- remember, they pollenate nearly everything), the dying off of bats by the tens of thousands (the worlds most plentiful mammals), over 30,000 species becoming extinct WEEKLY, the world's water sources drying up, etc., etc., it is time that we realized that we are not indepent of all other life. We are very much a part of the cycle of life, and we are the problem. This image will be a part of a series that I am working on, addressing many of these issues. The original sketch is for "FOOD". The finished illustration is for "WATER". I am planning on a third image "SHELTER". We are conjoined with all life. Perhaps this dying economy will make us change decisions that we make on a daily basis that can initiate a decline in our abuse of all living things. Who knows...

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