October 29, 2008

Mexican Street Dogs

This week I started painting portraits of street dogs. A common sight throughout the country, street animals are both part of the texture of street life as well as a genuine health and humanitarian problem. But no level of government, from civic to federal has ever been able or willing to affect the situation and I doubt it is something they ever will tackle. The country just isn’t hard wired that way. So large populations of undernourished dogs survive by scavenging garbage or on scraps they are given by compassionate people. And often they don’t survive.

My daughter has taken to feeding a dog she passes on the walk to school each day. “Ojos Tristes” or “Sad Eyes” as she calls her, happily greats Isabella each morning when she see her coming. Then Isabella places a handful of dog food from her back pack on the sidewalk for Ojos Tristes and goes on her way.

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