October 12, 2008


Do you find commercial illustration to be confining?

No, I don't. The idea of illustration is confining. The reality is that the medium allows the artist who can think, and manifest those thoughts as pictures and words, to move laterally, indefinitely. My aspirations to create personal work for gallery walls deals more with the close-ended nature of illustration. The illustrator is limited in both time and space in which to make an impression on the viewer. As a result, they have to do a lot of the problem solving and heavy lifting for the viewer. Art in galleries is afforded the luxury of both time and space. The viewer has made the effort to seek out the work, hence they have plenty of time to consider it. As a result, fine art can be much more open ended. There is a hierarchy in the art world that no one ever speaks about. Fine art is white collar, even royalty in [some] people's eyes. Illustration is blue collar. Other artistic disciplines flesh out that spectrum somewhere. People get bitter about this. I'm not trying to change the natural order, only figure out how I can live in as many of those places as possible.

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