October 2, 2008

Because Someday We'll Have to Cook Our Own Food

We know that weeks of depressing news coming out of Wall Street might make you want to hide under the covers with your comics. But when times are hard, you must not despair... you must prepare!

If I learned anything from my beloved grandmother, who raised five siblings during the Great Depression, it's the importance of being resourceful. She would have approved of tasks like making your own soap, charting the addresses and hours of all your local thrift stores, growing your own penicillin, or my favorite option, starting a victory garden.

When the time, and the tomato, is ripe, wash up, put on your best second-hand duds, and turn your garden, through the alchemical magic of cooking, into a dinner fit for a pre-bailout CEO. For recipes, check out The Garden-Fresh Vegetable Cookbook, pictured below. Cover illustration by Ted Wright.

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