September 30, 2008

Street Art in Oaxaca

If graffiti is the voice of the people, then the people are saying, “Get rid of that bum Ulises Ruiz Ortiz!” Known simply as URO, Ortiz is the highly unpopular Governor of Oaxaca whom many blame for the violence and deaths that occurred in 2006 during the massive public service strikes.

The protests shut down the historic center of the city for months, bringing the city’s tourist trade to a grinding halt. Just this week the government released a financial aid package to help the hundreds of businesses that have either suffered loses or closed completely since then.

Sadly, the overwhelming majority of the graffiti here is not a means of political protest but simple tagging, an unimaginative eyesore that robs the city of its colonial character. The few exceptions I have seen are included here.

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