September 11, 2008

Poor Kevin, or Pork Heaven? A 10 Minute Assignment

Our artists will do just about anything. Provided they're given permission to do it creatively. Staff member Scott Brundage, an illustrator himself, decided to take advantage of this quirk with a new feature, the 10 minute assignment.

Scott chose Sterling Hundley as his first victim. The glove was dropped. Hundley picked it up. Illustrators can't resist a free glove.

Sterling was given a Brundage original tagline (a take-off on six degrees of Kevin Bacon), and 10 minutes, and told (asked sweetly) to conceptualize a sketch around the theme and email the result back. Here is that assignment—an expedited look into the thought process of a sharp thinker (you know, an illustrator).

Tip: click on the image below to see it larger.


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