August 8, 2008

Workshop at the Norman Rockwell Museum (Part Four)

It was time for another demo, or so went the request from the students. And this time I slowed way down and explained most of my actions. It was an intense lesson for me about teaching, and about how I paint.

I have heard that there are four types of creators:

  • Incompetent/incompetent (not very good and doesn't know how they do what they do)

  • Incompetent/competent (not very good at what they do, but can explain every detail of how to do it)

  • Competent/incompetent (good at what they do, but can't explain how)

  • Competent/competent (good at what they do, and can explain how they do it)

That last one is where a good teacher wants to be. But it takes hard work and focus. It's not a free gift, and it's not a talent. It's hard learning.

But today, the questions came as easily as the answers. And everyone was on a roll. Four days into the class and we were getting somewhere! Paintings changed, efforts changed, results changed.

Terry Brown, former director of the Society of Illustrators, stopped by to say hi and kid me about teaching. He's been working with the Rockwell Museum, and I'm certain it will benefit all lovers of illustration.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's class, but already feeling the sadness of saying goodbye. I'll come away with a new understanding of how to communicate with students about my passion for painting. And keep the torch burning.

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