August 7, 2008

Workshop at the Norman Rockwell Museum (Part Two)

Tuesday at the Rockwell class...

We ended our portrait study of Wray Gunn. We're not trying to come away with finished, ready-to-hang paintings. We're striving to paint enough on each piece to gain an understanding of the painting process. There's hardly enough time in the week to practice, but there is time for exposure and discovery of basic principles.

The afternoon was spent painting from a different model, and this time we strived for a half to full figure. Progress was good and steady, just the way it should be. Everyone will find out more of what they learned once they're are back at home.

Ichabod Crane

I finished the day with an impromptu tour of the "inner sanctum" of the museum...flipping through huge rolling stacks of original Rockwells, which are stored in a controlled environment as they are rotated out of the main exhibit. There were so many that I had never seen before. And one I am quite familiar with: the Ichabod Crane. This painting alone has driven my own special interest in capturing likeness and character whenever I can.

We're back at it today, only this morning we're painting yesterday afternoon's model...from memory.

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