August 22, 2008

It's Pronounced "Or-A-Gun" and Our Stamp is Better Than Yours

Last Tuesday was the official unveiling of the Oregon Statehood Stamp for the US Postal Service, on the steps of the State Capital in Salem, OR. As the artist on this project, I was invited to be there and shake hands with the Governor and assorted state dignitaries.

I was taken aback by the excitement and enthusiasm about the stamp as the state celebrates it's sesquicentennial next year. (That's 150 years...but you knew that.) Everyone was gracious and happy and so very proud of their state heritage. After all, Oregon has played a major role in the country's history, being the ultimate destination for the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Not only is this a special stamp for me because I live in Oregon, but it's my very first stamp for the Postal Service. What a special way to start! I've collected stamps for years because of the excellent artwork and design...and now I get to be a part of that history. I'll be painting two more stamps for them over the next year.

True to Oregon behavior, the First Lady rode her bike two miles from the Governor's residence to the event! I discovered she is a native of Kentucky, like me. We chatted briefly about horse farms and Kentucky colleges before she donned her bike helmet and rode away on her old, green, beach bike with silver streamers fluttering.


  1. Greg! You're over on this end of the country again! Are you making any other appearances? Coming north to Seattle maybe? (how is one supposed to follow your non-posted rock-star appearance schedule?)

  2. Greg. Wow, that ceremony looks so official. The stamp looks gorgeous. Congrats!

  3. Well done! We love that the art depicts Sam Boardman State Scenic Corridor. Sam was the first state park superintendent (starting way back in 1929), and his lifelong dream was to preserve the Oregon landscape to inspire and fulfill our lives as Oregonians. The park is dedicated to his memory and his quest, and now this stamp will carry a tiny morsel of the park's inspirational power to people all over the country. Your painting captures the mood of the park perfectly. I only wish US postage was bigger so the stamp could get its due (2x4' would be good).

    Chris Havel
    Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept

  4. Congratulations, Greg!

    This comes from someone who knew you when you were finishing school – just starting out, who heard so many of your hopes and dreams, and joyed in the treasure-hunts you sent me on to find the latest magazine, newspaper, cereal box, book, album cover, etc. where your work could be found. From your early work commissioned by Wild Kingdom and how you missed meeting Marlin Perkins but were thrilled to talk briefly on the phone with such an accomplished man and personality, the treasure-hunt still pleases me and each art piece of yours I am so proud of. I wish I was a stamp collector. From my distance on the opposite coast, I will have to find an Oregon stamp – one to post and one to save. Again, from a long time – distant (ky) friend, congratulations, wonderful work, and best continued wishes to you for 2009.

  5. Greg,

    my old! long time no see friend!

    Great work there!, in my country only the most sucessfull artists, and children are the ones producing originals for stamps!!
    take care out there.

    all my best for you