August 4, 2008

Goodies at

Our buddies over at Tor Books consistently (and increasingly) put out great online content. Here are a few goodies we've recently perused over in our little office. Don't hesitate to go over there yourself to download free stories, screensavers, and catch up on the world of Sci-Fi/Fantasy.


Write-up and video of the Gregory Manchess Comic-Con demo

Donato Giancola Asus Sweepstakes Watch a video of Donato painting a laptop, then register to win it.

From the Tor/Forge YouTube Channel:

Artist Dan Dos Santos creates a book cover illustration lickity split. Dan was an intern here many years ago, before my time, for like a day or two before moving on to bigger and better things. But we still love him. Check out his amazing website while you're at it.

Jon Foster Demo at Comic-Con (Part 1)

Jon Foster Demo at Comic-Con (Part 2)

And of course, Art Director Irene Gallo's blog The Art Department is always a guaranteed illustration crowd pleaser.

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