August 14, 2008

Alphonse Mucha

Last night I was upset to learn I had lost my favorite Mucha poster, a mass market copy of Bieres de la Meuse. I looked for it everywhere, lastly peeking even online where I found this great post on the artist at

If you enjoy Mucha too you might want to check out his gallery on the Mucha Foundation website, which features descriptions of a handful of his posters, drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

Mucha also created many beautiful drawings, which can be seen in the book Drawings of Mucha. offers a "look inside" preview of this book, which gave me at least two or three pages of instant gratification.

As for my particular poster, I can always buy it again, though I might wait until those lottery tickets pay off and get an authentic one. In 2004 one of these treasures sold at auction for $39,100.

It was such an iconic picture that in 1899 French artist Adolphe Willette drew a scene after it in which a little girl mistakes the main figure for a saint, and kneels down before it.

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